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August 2, 2020  

127. The Gift of Struggle with Bobby Herrera

Bobby Herrera tells us about the Gift of Struggle in his new book. Learn to lead from the place of real inspiration: your Struggle. Discover how to take control of your story to inspire your team. 

July 27, 2020  

126. Helping People Change with Richard Boyatzis

International Best Selling Author Richard Boyatzis shares how you can help your people grow. He has studied coaching and management his entire life and has some very simple and powerful ways you can make better connections to inspire and lead your teams. His book Helping People Change is an excellent tool for building a better connection with your team. Another excellent book of Richard's is Primal Leadership that he co-wrote with Daniel Goleman. Yep the Emotional Intelligence Guru. 

July 19, 2020  

125. How to Reset and Rewire Your Leadership Language with Jason Abell

Learn how to reset the mindset of your team members by the questions you ask. Jason tells a very personal story about how a challenging question changed his life. What would happen if you have the courage to ask a very challenging question?  And what if it changed someone's life? Isn't that what coaching is about? Listen to Jason's story to hear the gift of challenge. You can find Jason Abell or


July 13, 2020  

124. Laser-Focused Coaching with Marion Franklin

Laser Focused coaching helps you get to the heart of the matter faster and more effectively. Marion Franklin will teach you how to be laser-focused with your questions so that you will ask the most important questions at the most effective time. Her book "The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching - A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching." If you want to increase your coaching skills and zoom in on the challenges faster, I highly recommend it. You can reach Marion at


July 6, 2020  

123. How an Executive Recruiter Uses Coaching to Help his Clients.


George McGehrin Executive Recruiter shares how coaching his clients makes a difference with his clients. He shares 2 powerful stories on how he used coaching to help 2 clients transform their careers after they were let go. You can contact George at

You can reach Rory Rowland at

June 28, 2020  

122. Turning Adversaries into Allies with Bob Burg

Adversaries Into Allies - Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion with Bob Burg. This podcast will give you a fresh look into how we can influence others while maintaining your integrity and character.

Some of you probably recognize Burg as the co-author of The Go-Giver, but this one is all his and according to the Bob, his finest work - the book he was meant to write. 

Enjoy this podcast with Bob Burg. You can reach Bob at

June 21, 2020  

121. Coach the Hopes, Wishes, Dreams and Aspirations of Your Team Member

Great coaches know you coach the aspirations of your team member. You discover what they want to achieve in life. What are their hopes, wishes and dreams. Once you know that, and you help them achieve it. Then you are on your way to being a coach of influence. You can make things happen with your team when you really find out what drives them. What do they want to achieve? Know that, use that and you are a coach of influence. 


June 14, 2020  

120. QBQ The Question Behind the Question with John Miller

Here John Miller talk about his legendary book the Question Behind the Question. To be an effective coach you have to lead folks to personal accountability.  John is the best at this, and helping people focus on personal accountability, responsibility and self awareness. You can reach John at His ideas will help you build more accountability with your team. 

June 7, 2020  

119. Discover the 4 Greatest Coaching Conversations

In the "The 4 Greatest Coaching Conversations" by Jerry Connor. He discusses how you can identify the 4 coaching conversations that most coaches have with their team members. He had access to thousands of coaching conversations and they analyzed the discussions and found 4 kinds of coaching conversations. This is a great tool for you to be a better coach, and get to solutions more quickly because you now know which tools to use in which situatons. You can reach Jerry at

June 1, 2020  

118. Discover Your Coaching Type

There are 4 types of coaches. What type are you? And do you want to stay that way of coach? Learn the 4 categories of coaches, and discover the pros and cons of each type. This will help you look at your coaching style, and see how you can improve your coaching methods so you can grow your people and grow your career. 

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