Ernest Shackleton's great Antarctic adventure was a colossal failure. He wanted to cross the Antarctic via the South Pole. His ship got stuck in the Weddell Sea, and sank. He failed. How was he going to save the crew? In a full blow crisis he saved every crew member while they lived on the ice flow for 9 months, and traveled 1,500 miles in a lifeboat to get help. In the next 3 episodes we will explore the leadership qualities of Ernest Shackleton. Discover how you can use his grit, determination, and creativity to help lead your team in these turbulent times. Shackleton said "everyone will have an Antarctic moment." This is America's, and this is your moment, don't proceed without the wisdom, knowledge and passion of a legendary leader who can help you navigate these turbulent waters. 

Recommended readings to help you on this Journey. 

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing (Get it in Audio format so you can listen to it everyday.)

Another Great Book

Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer by Margot Morrell , Stephanie Capparell 

Leading at The Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition by Dennis Perkins

In Part 2 we continue our discussion of difficult times call for leadership moments.

As you face these challenges with this new crisis you can be in command and lead with questions. Discover how to lead with questions and discover what your team is most concerned about and help them work through it. 


This is Part 1 of a 2 Part discussion of handing fear and still leading. 

Difficult times call for leadership moments. This may be your leadership moment. How to coach your team when you have your own fears, and still need to lead.  Yes, your people are looking up to you to lead no matter what. This virus may be your what. 

We discuss how to face your fears and over come the challenges that lie ahead. A great question to ask yourself is how will you view this moment in 2, 5 or 10 years from now?  How will you describe this moment, and will you be proud of your leadership moment? 

106. How to Overcome Your Fears of Coaching! In this episode I asked a group of C-level managers what is their fear of coaching, and their fear of their management team coaching. It was amazing to see the results of this discussion. In this episode I share some of the fears of these managers, and the fears for their management team regarding coaching. It made me pause and consider the fears that managers had about coaching. It has widened my perspective of how fear can keep managers from coaching and leading their team.  We must replace that fear with hopes, dreams and aspirations. What will you replace your fears with? More fears and greater fears or more hopes, wishes dreams and aspirations. 

Dan Rockwell Ep. 37 How to Empower Through Coaching

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105: How to Coach Someone Past Their Fears. Fear can paralyze you or inspire you to change. In this episode we will give you a whole host of questions you can ask to help someone overcome their fears. And that person you help may be you. All the best in helping someone overcome the challenges they face that are anchored in fear. 

104: Coaching for Confidence - Have you ever had a team member who  lacked self confidence?  In this episode 2 clients help me with this issue and show me how to coach self confidence. Discover how you can help your team members grow their self confidence and be more productive members of your team. Now I believe in you go out there and know that you can do it.  Well this episode is more than just platitudes and better attitudes. 

103. If you want to be a great manager you must be good coach. We didn't say a great coach, but a good one. You must understand the basic concepts of coaching and how to ask questions.  If you are good at asking basic questions and can engage your folks and help drive them to a higher level of performance you can be a good coach and a great manager.   

Other episodes that may be of an interest to you if you enjoyed this episode are 

72. Great Leaders Ask Questions

43. How the MacGregor Approach can transform your coaching.



102: The Power of Being a Supportive Coach. We share the story of Elton Simmons a LA Deputy Sheriff who had over 20,000 traffic stops and zero complaints. Learn how he showed support and compassion, and how you can use those tools to be a great coach. Learn how to use the power of support to make a difference in the lives of the people you help, and how you can make a lasting impact. Here is his story from CBS and how he did good and you can do good too. Here is a great video about Eliot Simmons and his approach as a law enforcement officer.


101 How to uncover the blind spots and clarify how to reveal the impact it is making on your team. 

Also, Congrats to the Chiefs - being a huge Chiefs fan watching them win a championship is amazing!  How about those CHIEFS!

Enjoy the episode. 

100. Yes, this is the 100th episode of Coaching for Potential.  Enjoy a bit of a recap! What were the best episodes from our listeners perspectives?  To Celebrate we give you the top ideas learned from several of our listeners and the episodes they reference in the notes below. We list some of the 45 countries that have had downloads, and we give you a top 10 list of the most downloaded episodes. Enjoy, and Thank you for listening to Coaching for Potential. You the listener made this possible. 

Listeners recommended Podcast: (We interviewed them and this is what they shared.)

66: Seven Mistakes to Avoid as a Coach Recommended by Kimmie

75: Make Coaching Easy, Not a Process. Recommended by Joy

89: “Judge not lest ye be judged” A key to being a great coach! Recommended by Jaedine

51 How to Grow Employee Engagement with Meridith Elliott Powell’  Recommended by  Michelle

96. The Coach Model with Dr. Keith Webb  Recommended by Liz

Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of the First 100:

21: Using Courageous Goals.

66: Seven Mistakes to Avoid as a Coach

20: How to Coach Employees Who Don’t Want to Get Promoted

84 When it is Foggy in the Pulpit it is Cloudy in the Pews!

49 Coaching for Progress, The Power of Goals.

56: The 5 Keys to Holding People Accountable

83. Do You Appreciate Your Employees? Does Your Boss Appreciate You?

75: Make Coaching Easy, Not a Process.

85. Power of Presence with Andy Huckaba

87: Have You Ever Granted 5 Wishes?


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