99: To Coach or Not to Coach that is the Question. In my discussion with clients I had folks ask "when should my manager coach me?" And "when should I coach my team members?" These are great questions. Sometimes we coach when in reality giving direction may be the best approach. Discover 3 questions you should ask yourself before you go down the coaching path. This will clarify when and when not to coach. 

98: Cold Q & A - This time we do Q and A completely cold.  Paul picked the questions, and then  challenged me to answer them dead cold. No prep, no peaking, no hints, just real life dead cold questions, you decide did I shine or bomb? Your choice. Let me know you conclusions at rory@coachingmanager.university. Let me know if I was right on target, or I missed a soft ball? 

97. Here are some challenging questions from some listeners. Hear our recommendations of how you can deal with some of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Please feel free to send us some challenging questions, you can send them to Rory@coachingmanager.university. And enjoy this episode. 

96. We are excited to offer you an interview with author Dr. Keith Webb of "The Coach Model." Learn how to listen even when you don't want to listen. (I suffer from that from time to time.) Learn how to build rapport, how to raise awareness with your team member. Improve your active listening techniques with his simple focus approach. 

Here is a great summary of his book in PDF format. Enjoy. https://farran.abwe.org/uploads/9/7/1/2/97128822/the_coach_model_summary.pdf


95: The Manager's Challenge. You have been given a strict directive from the leadership in your organization. Your team doesn't like it, you don't like it. To make matters worse you and your team don't think it will work. But you have to do it, you have to implement it? How do you keep your self-respect, your team's respect, and your leadership's respect when you give your leadership team feedback on how you and your team doubt this approach will work?

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How to manage your boss may be just as important as managing your team. Here are over 10 ways to manage your boss, and how to reset you mindset so you can manage your boss. If you don't manage your relationship with your boss, who will?

How to Tell an Employee They Didn’t Get a Promotion. Yet, you want them to still stay with you both physically and psychologically. Discover how to deliver bad news from one of my coaching success stories. A client went through this challenge recently and learn how they delivered the bad news and got a good result. The non-promoted employee stayed and is more focused than ever to be ready for the next promotion. A happy ending is a great coaching moment.  

92: Reach clarity faster by asking better questions. And learn 5 mistakes coaches make by asking bad questions. Avoid the mistakes so you can be a great coach. 

You have had success coaching, now you can go to the next level. 

Here are 10 questions you can ask to help your team member get to the next level.

 Improve your coaching with 10 questions to help you improve your teams performance.  

  1. Since you’ve started your Supervisor role; what are the things you feel you’ve learned or improved on?
  2. What areas do you think you still need to work on or improve on?
  3. How would you describe the ideal supervisor?
  4. How do you think other people see you?
  5. How would you want people to see you?
  6. How would you like to improve your brand?
  7. What expectations do you have of your team?
  8. How would you help your team to develop and grow?
  9. How would you keep your team motivated?
  10. How/where do you see yourself in two years?

90: The Gift of Challenge - What does a world class archer with no arms and an NBA Champion have in common? They both were given the gift of challenge. Matt Stutzman's adopted parents and Coach K from Duke gave  the gift of challenge, and it propelled both of our podcast subjects on a journey to their highest achievements.  What questions can you ask to challenge your team members to their highest level of performance? Do you have what it takes to give the gift of challenge? In this podcast learn about Matt Stutzman who is a world class archer and Shane Battier a NCAA National Champion and an NBA World Champion and how they were challenged to their greatest achievements by 2 simple questions.  Those 2 questions, changed their lives. 

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