86: The Soup is TOO Hot! Albert Einstein's first words were, "The Soup is too hot." He didn't speak until he was about 4 to 5 years old. Hear how these first words can make you a better coach and manager. Don't wait until to soap is to hot to speak up?

What is the best way to inspire and support others? How do you help others to have the courage, energy, hope and perseverance to reach their goals?
Andy Huckaba shares the power of presence and how it can increase your ability as a coach. Listen to Andy share how to improve your presence and increase your impact as a coach.

How to clearly set goals, and establish clarity in your coaching. Here is a real life example of a high functioning team member that has many priorities and how you can coach them to clarity. Learn how to establish clear expectations for team members who have multiple priorities, functions and deadlines. Ignore this episode and risk your managerial success. 

Do you appreciate your employee's and does your boss appreciate you? Learn the 5 common signs that your manager doesn't appreciate you.  Also discover some simple ways to show appreciation for your employees.  Do you know the 5 S's of an effective complement? Learn the power and distraction of appreciation when it is done well and the dramatic affect it has on people when it is not used. 

Discover how to listen more deeply so that you can ask better questions. Great coaching is a conversation, and listening is the foundation of your ability to ask questions that create awareness and responsibility. 

Here are some sample questions to consider in your next coaching session. 


⦁ What have you done, tried, or considered?
⦁ What is the impact on you, your team, or the business?
⦁ What is happening?
⦁ What is most/least challenging about it?
⦁ What are your ideal/worst outcome?
⦁ What would the stakeholders want to see happen?
⦁ What would have to change/adjust to make that happen?
⦁ What conditions/considerations would have to be in place?
⦁ How will you prepare for the desired outcome?
⦁ How will you know you have accomplished your goal?
⦁ How will we measure success?
⦁ How will you communicate your goals with key stakeholders?
⦁ How will you stay self-aware, mindful and focused when things get busy?
⦁ Who will be impacted—positively or negatively—by these proposed changes?
⦁ Who are leaders you respect? Tell me more?
⦁ Who else could offer you feedback?
⦁ Who needs to be included and aware of these goals?
⦁ Who are the key people in your network of support?
⦁ Where/when do you feel you are at your personal best?
⦁ Where/when do you feel most triggered, reactive, not at your personal best?
⦁ Where might you experience resistance?
⦁ When you experience [an emotion—frustration, impatience, etc.]; where do you experience that in your body (e.g. tension in the jaw)?
⦁ Where would you like to be in your career in 3-5 years?
Lastly, there are some descriptor questions that can help you get at what is happening in a given situation:
⦁ Help me understand…
⦁ Tell me more about that…
⦁ Let me make sure I understand what you are saying…
⦁ I’m curious about…
⦁ Could you describe further…

81: Coaching made easy with a "Coach Like" mindset. Andy Huckaba shares his "coach like" process in 4 simple steps. Discover how you can coach with greater impact by centering yourself with the power of presence. Learn what is robbing you of your focus and how to get it back. 

with Learn more about Andy Huckaba at https://kansasleadershipcenter.org/team/andy-huckaba/


One of the greatest secrets of success is that you become what you think about all day long. The same is true for coaching. Your team members become what you ask about all day long. Your questions drive performance, the better you ask the better the performance. 

"Leading with Questions" is a revolutionary book for any leader. It will show you how to increase engagement, involvement and commitment of your team. Professor Michael J. Marquardt shares how to lead with questions, and increase you influence as a leader. 

The Super Manager Syndrome is the challenge of many new managers.  Learn how to overcome the Super Manager Syndrome with lessons from Andy Huckaba. 

Mike Frymyer tells us how to successfully coach a team when you experience push back. Mike shows you how to have courage in the face of adversity. What would you ask an executive who pushes back to the ideas of the team? Mike shows you how to overcome this obstacle with skill, grace and courage. Learn how to coach a team today!

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