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November 18, 2020  

137 The Coaching Habit with Michael Bungay Stainer

The Coaching Habit is one of my favorite coaching books. And Michael shares some of the most important ideas in this quick learning paced podcast. 

November 2, 2020  

136. Shift Happens with Marion Franklin

Marion Franklin shares her secrets on how she makes a shift Happen. As a coach, you have to help people move beyond their perceived limitations. You need to help them discover their mindsets and with a mindset shift, you can have a behavior shift. Learn how to do this with Marion's tips and techniques. 



October 12, 2020  

135. Coach Out of Love Not Fear

Coach out of love not fear with David Henzel of UpCoach. 

September 20, 2020  

134. Coach the Person, Not the Problem with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

"Coaches rely far too much on asking open-ended questions," says Marcia Reynolds. But questions only seek answers--inquiry provides insight. When, instead of just questions, clients hear their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs spoken by someone else, it prompts them to critically consider how their thinking affects their goals. Reynolds cites the latest brain science to show why reflective inquiry works and provides techniques, tips, and structures for creating breakthrough conversations.

September 15, 2020  

133. Coaching Sales Success with Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky Professional Certified Coach (MCC) shows you how to coach your sales folks 2 sales success. She has terrific tips and tricks to make you a more effective sales coach. If you are reluctant to coach you are missing opportunities to grow your career and grow your career.  You can reach Connie at


September 9, 2020  

132. Leadership v. Management with Ben Dooley

Leadership v. Management confounds some people, and Ben Dooley makes the process simple. Learns the key skill of leaders and the key skills of managers, and how you can use both to become more effective in the workplace. You can reach Ben Dooley


August 31, 2020  

131. How to Create Your Leadership Values and Vision

Have you ever had a team member get stuck on their vision and values? This episode has a number of questions and exercises to help you discover or rediscover your leadership values and vision. 

• What’s important to you about that? This can help to peel away the values.
•​If you imagine yourself having completed the role and looking back, what would you like to see?
•​What are your hopes?
•​What do you want?
•​How do these values connect to the values of your organization or business?
•​How will other people’s experiences or relationships change?
•​How will you be different?
ICE Model from Jerry Connor's Book the Four Greatest Coaching Conversations
I – Important. What is important to you here?
C - Change. What change do you envision?
E - Experiments. What small steps can you take to bring this about?
August 23, 2020  

130. Who is Up Next - Mary Kelly

Discover how succession planning can make you more successful. Learn what questions to ask your team members to see where they want to go, and how they best fit into your team. Mary Kelly is a leadership expert, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame Speaker, and a retired Navy Commander.  You can reach Mary at

August 17, 2020  

129. Craig LeMasters - Unstuck

Craig Lemasters - Discover the power of how to get unstuck. As leaders, we sometimes get trapped by a world with too much information and not enough wisdom. Craig shares with us how to get the wisdom to operate in this rapidly changing world. You can also reach Craig at

August 10, 2020  

128. Coaching for Results with Dr. Steven Stowell

Coaching for Results with Dr. Steven Stowell. Dr. Stowell shares his insights into coaching from over 30 years of experience. He shares his TIPS model for coaching. Learn how to set a TOPIC, identify IMPACT, create a compelling PLAN, and SUPPORT & SUSTAIN your team member.  This model will help you be a better coach and manager. 

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